About Us

Objectives of ITDFund

The Australian International Trade and Transport Industry Development Fund, trading as ITDF, is a not for profit organisation whose objective is to provide grants to Australian international trade and transport industry participants to promote, support, advance or enhance:

i. e-commerce projects in Australia which benefit the commercial, operational, legislative and regulatory processes supporting Australia’s International Trade and Transport Industry;

ii. projects in Australia to assist Australian industry to facilitate international trade with its trading partners;

iii. projects in Australia that encourage more efficient international supply chain solutions for Australian industry; and

iv. projects in Australia aimed at measurably increasing the level of skills and training in the international trade and transport industry, including participants in that industry.

The Funding for the ITDF came from Tradegate Australia Limited, now in liquidation.

For further information refer to the Pro Forma for project applications and the Funding Rules

Grants available for projects benefitting the International Trade & Transport industry


Accessing Assistance

ITDFund seeks applications that identify demonstrable benefit to Australia's international trade and transport industry.

Applications must comply with the funding criteria and the applicant must acknowledge that the terms and conditions for funding application have been read and understood.

If you have a project that is of notable benefit to Australia's international trade and transport industry and is a project that satisfies one or more of the criteria listed in the ITDFund’s objectives on this website to obtain a Funding Application Kit. The kit is comprised of a Pro-Forma Application, Funding Rules, and a PowerPoint presentation.

The funding application process is entirely at the cost of the applicant, regardless of the application’s outcome.

Completed funding applications should be emailed to: secretariat@ITDFund.org.au

ITDFund Members & Directors

The five members of the AITTIDF are the nominated representatives of the following organisations:

  •   Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia

  •   Conference of Asia Pacific Express Carriers

  •   Australian Federation of International Forwarders

  •   Export Council of Australia

  •   Shipping Australia

The members make up the Board of the AITTIDF.

Current Directors are:

Brian Lovell - Chairman
Stephen Morris
Bryan Sharkey
Stephen Stroner
Dianne Tipping